How to Charge the Polaroid DVG-1080P

The Polaroid DVG-1080P digital camcorder lacks a dedicated power jack, but uses the data port to charge its NP60 lithium ion battery pack. Using the camcorder's light and LCD screen causes the battery to drain faster. When the battery status indicator, an icon on the LCD screen, turns red, the battery is almost completely drained.


    • 1

      Slide the battery cover toward the bottom of the camcorder. The battery cover is located on the left side of the bottom half.

    • 2

      Insert the battery into the battery compartment. Check to determine that the contacts on the battery touch the contacts on the camcorder.

    • 3

      Reinstall the battery cover.

    • 4

      Insert the mini USB connector on the AC adapter into the mini USB port on the DVG-1080p. The port is located under a cover on the back of the camcorder.

    • 5

      Plug the other end into an electrical outlet.

    • 6

      Allow the battery to charge until the battery icon on the screen turns completely green.

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