How to Help Teens Develop a Basic Wardrobe

A basic wardrobe helps your teen look her best for any occasion. To develop a basic wardrobe it is necessary to keep a few essential garments on hand that are interchangeable and season appropriate. Moreover, helping your teen learn the art of developing a wardrobe makes more outfits with fewer clothes.


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      Select two pairs of pants, keeping two basic colors in mind, such as black and beige. Use colors that are neutral enough to coordinate with all other garments in your teen's wardrobe.

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      Select two skirts, keeping the two basic colors of your teen’s wardrobe in mind. One should be a solid print and the other should be a patterned print.

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      Include a third complementary color to accent and spice up the two basic colors that make up the wardrobe, such as blue. Keep this color in mind when selecting tops, sweaters and jackets.

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      Select prints and patterns that coordinate with solids to maximize the number of outfits your teen can create. For example, include two casual tops (one solid and one pattern) to interchange with pants and skirts.

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      Allow your teen to select four trendy tops in colors and patterns that match your teen’s wardrobe color palette, but are timeless in design. This keeps your teen ahead of the trend in colors she feels comfortable wearing.

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      Allow your teen to select one season-appropriate jacket or cardigan in a solid color from her color palette. A solid jacket or cardigan pulls all of your teen’s colors together for a stylish finish.

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      Read teen fashion magazines to stay informed about what your teen and her peers feel is fashionable.

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      Incorporate new colors based on your current color palette to ensure all your teen's garments coordinate.

Tips & Warnings

  • Save money buying vintage clothing for retro styles.
  • If your teen has a preference, you can select all pants or all skirts. The important thing is that your teen is comfortable in what she's wearing.
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