How to Get More Credits in a Firefight

"Halo: Reach" is the name of a futuristic action and adventure video game developed by Bungie Studios for the Xbox 360 console. In "Halo: Reach," players collect points, which they can then spend on new abilities or items. While it is possible to increase your point balance by playing the game normally, a specific game mode known as "Firefight" allows you to collect points automatically by letting your character stand around on a map. You can get "Halo: Reach" points in Firefight by editing the game's options.


    • 1

      Place the "Halo: Reach" DVD in your Xbox 360 to launch the game. Select "Firefight" from the main menu.

    • 2

      Open the "Game Options" menu and select "Spartan Settings."

    • 3

      Select the "Base Traits" menu and activate the "Shields And Health" option. Choose "Invulnerable" under "Damage Resistance."

    • 4

      Choose "Legendary" under "Difficulty."

    • 5

      Select "Start game." Walk towards enemies and let them inflict damage to your character. With the game options that you selected, the enemies are able to damage you but not kill you. Every attack increases the number of points in your account. Continue letting enemies attack you until you have amassed the desired number of points.

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