How to Host a Web App in Drupal

If you have developed a Web app, such as a content management system, blog engine, or any other type of application developers and designers use, you'll need to find a way to share the download with them. If you are using Drupal, you can use the core file module to create a download page, allowing your users to easily download the Web application. You can use the description to provide general information or instructions.


    • 1

      Sign in to your Drupal site. Click on "Modules" and verify the "File" core module has a check next to it. If it doesn't, check the box and click on "Save Configuration."

    • 2

      Click on "Structure" and "Content Types," then choose "Manage Fields" next to the content type you want to add the app download to.

    • 3

      Name your new content field, and then select the "File" widget." Click on "Save." You'll now be prompted to configure the widget.

    • 4

      Check the box next to "File displayed by default," and then click "Save Field Settings."

    • 5

      Add the application's file extension to the "Allowed Extensions" box. In most cases, the Web app you are hosting for download will be in zip or rar format.

    • 6

      Set the upload size large enough to upload the application and select the number of file widgets per piece of content. If you are hosting multiple versions of the Web app, select the appropriate number and click on "Save."

    • 7

      Click on "Add New Content" to create the Web app download page.

    • 8

      Title the page, add a description and click on "Browse" to select the Web app you want to make available for download. Click on "Save" when you are finished.

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