How to Survive Lower Hell in "Dante's Inferno"

In the Xbox 360 game “Dante’s Inferno,” you are thrust into the very bowels of hell as you attempt to rescue your love, Beatrice, from the devil himself. To make it through the lowest circles of hell, you need a decent understanding of the controls and have a good grip on your attack options. If all your fundamentals are sound, you will have little trouble surviving lower hell in “Dante’s Inferno.”


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      Use the holy cross attack as much as possible, invoked by pressing the "B" button on your controller. This attack works for both short- and long-range enemies. In most cases, it either temporarily stuns or substantially weakens them. Holy crosses can be fired off in a constant stream, so don’t worry about wasting them.

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      Fight magic with magic. Although holy crosses work on most enemies, they won’t faze the sorcerers and other magical evildoers you encounter in the lower circles of hell. Hold the left bumper on your controller to enable magic and then press one of the buttons -- "A," "B," "Y" or "X" -- to shoot your spells at them.

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      Judge every lost soul. You encounter many of them, and you are given the option to punish, absolve or leave each one. By punishing, you gain points that enhance your physical attacks, such as slashing. By absolving, you gain points that enhance your holy attacks, such as the holy cross.

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      Update your game save and replenish your health and manna at every opportunity. Statues of Beatrice are placed periodically throughout the game; update your game save by walking up to one. Health and manna fountains can also be found occasionally. Walk up to one of them and press the "B" button repeatedly to break it. Once it is broken, your health or manna bar refills.

Tips & Warnings

  • Green fountains replenish your health bar, and purple fountains replenish your manna bar. Manna is the fuel that allows you to perform magic spells.

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