How to Build Fresh Air Vents for Pellet Stoves


A fresh air vent is a relatively simple system to install. It consists of a metal pipe that supplies the pellet stove with fresh air from outside for combustion. This is only essential if the room where the stove is located is completely sealed, or there are no hallways providing fresh air. It is especially important for mobile homes. Without it, the stove can consume too much air from the room and make it hard for occupants to breath. All you need to complete the construction is a steel tube with a 90-degree elbow or hood at the end. This will connect to the air inlet on the stove and extend through a wall to a location with fresh air.

Things You'll Need

  • Cutting tool
  • Steel tube or flexible hose
  • Clamps
  • Elbow joint
  • Metal screen
  • Obtain a steel tube or a noncombustible flex pipe with a steel interior that fits the intake valve of your stove. The intake valve is probably located on the back of the stove and is usually 3-inches in diameter. You can purchase a fresh air vent kit that has all the parts you need. These often contain flex pipes with an exterior of galvalume and an interior of steel.

  • Cut a hole in the wall that fits the diameter of the pipe. Connect the pipe to the intake valve by sliding in place or securing with ring clamps. With vent kits, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Run the fresh air vent through the wall until it reaches just past the exterior. Place a 90-degree elbow joint or a wind hood where it ends.

  • Cover the end of the pipe with a metal screen to keep out debris and animals.

Tips & Warnings

  • For a fireplace installation, you can run the fresh air pipe up through the chimney. For an interior installation, if you do not have easy access outside, make a hole in the floor and pass the pipe to a crawl space or basement.
  • Fresh air venting is not always necessary. But, if you live in a mobile home or your home is airtight, it is essential.
  • Some innovative stove vent designs incorporate the fresh air intake within the same component as the venting pipe itself. A special thimble allows passage of both pipes, eliminating the need to cut a second hole.
  • Review building codes and manufacturer instructions before attempting any stove installation. Some regions may require that you have a permit to install a pellet stove. If you have any questions during the installation, contact the manufacturer or a professional.

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