How to Make a Stabilizing Hand for My Samsung SC-MX20

Shaky camera work makes many people nauseous, so if you want to keep your audience engaged in your work, it's important to master stabilizing techniques for handheld camcorder use. The Samsung SC-MX20 has a mount that allows it to be attached to a tripod and it comes with image-stabilization technology that minimizes camera shake electronically. But sometimes these are not helpful, as a tripod requires the user to remain stationary and image stabilization can only do so much when users must take handheld shots.


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      Stand with your feet apart, keeping them lined up with your shoulders. Bend your knees slightly to absorb any shifts in weight and tuck both elbows in close at your sides with your wrists straight. Hold the camcorder with both hands.

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      Lean against something. Use a wall or a piece of furniture to stabilize yourself. Place your back against the object to keep your body steady or use your elbows or an arm against a desk or another flat, even surface.

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      Zoom your lens out and position yourself close to your subject. The wide-angle setting on your lens will enable you to overcome shakiness much easier than a telephoto setting, which will enhance every tremor.

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      Raise one arm up and grab your opposite shoulder to create a platform with your elbow. Place the camcorder on your arm at the joint and push down with your other hand while squeezing the bottom of the camera against your elbow tightly. This will allow you to glide slowly along with a subject steadily and without too much shake.

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      Attach a neck strap to the camcorder and loop it around your elbow and wrist to help keep the unit stable in your hands. The strap will help give you more leverage to control shakes and is also good for moving with a subject that might be unpredictable.

Tips & Warnings

  • For static handheld shots, be sure to remain as still as possible. Don't shift your weight and be conscious of your posture.
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