How to Keep a Metal Trellis from Falling

Some ornamental and vegetable plants require vertical support as they develop and grow. You have a variety of options for supporting these climbing plants, including a metal trellis. Some benefits of a metal trellis include its strength, low maintenance and attractive appearance. The trellis, however, may fall over. As you install a metal trellis in a growing area or after it is installed, take measures to prevent the trellis from falling in the future.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 metal, 3-foot tall stakes per 4-foot wide trellis panel
  • Post driver
  • Tape measure
  • 14-gauge wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Heavy-duty pliers


    • 1

      Place the trellis panel on the ground where you wish to install it, and mark the locations for the trellis' side posts on the soil. Set the trellis aside.

    • 2

      Place a metal, 3-foot tall stake in the soil about 3 inches from one mark. Drive the stake into the soil with a post driver until half of the stake remains visible above ground. Repeat the process with another metal, 3-foot tall stake at the other mark you made in the soil.

    • 3

      Cut four 12-inch lengths of 14-gauge wire with wire cutters.

    • 4

      Position the trellis against the two stakes so that the trellis side posts align with the stakes precisely.

    • 5

      Wrap one wire around one trellis side post and the stake about 3 inches below the top edge of the stake. Use heavy-duty pliers to wrap the wire tightly, and twist the wire's ends several times to make the wire extremely tight, securing the connection between the trellis and the stake. Clip off excess wire with the wire cutters.

    • 6

      Wrap a second wire around the same trellis side post and the stake about 3 inches above the soil level, twisting the wire tightly in the same fashion you used for the first wire. Remove excess wire with the wire cutters.

    • 7

      Repeat the procedure with the remaining two pieces of wire on the other stake and the trellis' other side post.

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