How to Make iWeb IE8 Compatible

The Apple iWeb is an online platform that allows you to design a website in just a few easy steps. You can use pre-built themes and customize your new site with photos, movies and even widgets. Furthermore, you can select to notify Facebook whenever you change your website. The only problem is that iWeb does not always display properly in Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). To fix this issue, you must change a few aspects of your iWeb website.


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      Change your navigation menu to a text-based navigation menu to avoid compatibility issues in IE8. To do this, click on each page, open the Inspector window, navigate to the "Page" tab and uncheck the "Include Page In Navigation Menu" option.

      On one of the pages, click the "Text Box" button, enter the text that will act as an anchor, resize the text box and move it to the navigation menu. Select the anchor text and press the "Inspector" button. Navigate to the tab with a blue circle on it, select the "Enable as Hyperlink" option and enter the page's URL. Do this for all the links you want on your navigation menu.

      Hold the "Ctrl" key and select each text box. Press the "Ctrl" and "C" keys simultaneously to copy the navigation menu. Go to each page and press the "Ctrl" and "V" keys simultaneously to paste the navigation box. You now have a text-based navigation menu on each of your pages.

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      Change the fonts you use on your site to Web-safe fonts. Web-safe fonts are fonts that are recognized by all operating systems and platforms. Arial, Times New Roman and Verdana are a few of them.

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      Remove all effects from your site's text and images. Shadows and reflections are known to cause compatibility issues in Internet Explorer 8. To remove these effects, click on the text or images, go to the Inspector and click the "Graphics" tab. If the boxes next to "Shadow" and "Reflection" are checked, uncheck them.

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      Do not use QuickTime for your videos. QuickTime is installed by default on all Mac computers, but this is not the case with Windows computers. This means that Windows users who haven't installed the application won't be able to view your videos. You can upload your videos to YouTube and use the YouTube widget to display them in iWeb.

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      Remove any images from other websites you have embedded on your iWeb site. Use only images and media files from your own domain to avoid including any HTML code snippets that embed media.

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      Download and install WebCrusher to optimize the iWeb site. This tool makes the entire site smaller, so it loads quicker. It also has a feature that improves IE8 compatibility. Go to "Preferences," navigate to the "Tag Optimizations" tab and select the "Improve Internet Explorer Compatibility" option. Close the "Preferences" window.

      Drag and drop your website's folder onto the WebCrusher window to open the site. Click the "Options" button and uncheck the "Only Optimized Modified Files" option. Close the Options window and press the "Go" button to optimize the site.

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