How to Build a Custom Brick Wall to Surround Your Gas Grill


It is the goal of many grilling enthusiasts to build a grill surround in the backyard. Such a permanent structure might include two countertops, providing valuable workspace, and a protective wall for the grill. Grill surrounds tend to be more attractive than standalone grills, and building one can increase the value of your home. You can complete such a project in a weekend or over the course of two, depending on how quickly you work.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 stone countertops
  • Pencil
  • Bricks
  • Mortar
  • Trowel
  • Level
  • Place your grill and stone countertops on a paved area where you would like to build your gas grill surround. Do not place your surround on unpaved soil, because it will crack and sink with time. Keep the grill away from the house and overhanging structures like trees. Place the countertops on either side of the grill. Draw a pencil line on the concrete around the countertops and the grill to indicate where the bricks will be laid. You will be building two brick posts on either side of the grill to support the countertops, and a brick wall across the back of the grill.

  • Lay down your first course of bricks to determine the way you would like to see them placed. The bricks should run seamlessly in a square beneath each countertop, and across the back of the grill. Leave a half-inch gap between each brick.

  • Remove the bricks, then spread your first layer of mortar in a line where you laid the first course of bricks in Step 2. Replace the first course of bricks on the mortar. Use a trowel to spread the side of each brick with mortar before you lay it down.

  • Scrape the excess mortar from the bricks in the first course.

  • Use the trowel to spread the next layer of mortar over the top of the first course of bricks, then lay down the next course of bricks. Spread the sides of each brick with mortar before you lay it down. Scrape excess mortar from the second course of bricks once it's been put in place. Use a level to ensure that the grill is level and flat.

  • Repeat Step 5 three times.

  • Wheel your gas grill into place in the grill surround. Open the lid all the way. The lid should be able to open all the way without touching the wall behind it. If you have room for another course of bricks, lay another course of bricks. Continue to lay bricks until the surround is built up as high as it will go without touching the open lid.

  • Continue to build up the posts that will support the countertop. Lay a few more courses until the counters will be at a convenient height for you. This will depend on your height.

  • Spread the top of each post with mortar. Place each countertop stone on a post. Scrape the mortar off the sides.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don't have a paved area for your grill surround, you will need to create one. Start by building a wooden frame for the foundation. Excavate the earth inside the frame, then tamp it flat. Fill the frame halfway with concrete, then lay a grid of steel rebar in the wet concrete. Fill the rest of the frame with concrete, then level the concrete with a squeegee. Wait for the concrete to cure before proceeding to build your surround.
  • Use work gloves for this project. Don't touch wet mortar with your bare hands.

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