How to Use Topology to Convert Points to a Polygon on Map 3D 2011

AutoCAD's Map 3D 2011 is a computer aided design, or CAD, application that enables users to create maps based on geographic information system, or GIS, data. Users can import data from GIS devices and plot it on custom maps, or opt to add point and lines by hand. And if you'd like to specify new boundaries on maps, you can use Map 3D topology engine to convert imported point data into polygons.


    • 1

      Launch Map 3D 2011. Click on the program's "Survey" tab. Click on the "Data" button on the tab, then select its "New survey Data" option.

    • 2

      Click on the "..." button when the "New Data Store" menu appears, then browse for a folder to store your project's data. Type a name for your data store into the "Filename" field, then click "Save" and "Ok."

    • 3

      Right-click inside of the "Survey" tab's tree, and the select the "Import" option. Browse for your points data file to import it into the program.

    • 4

      Select the "Create Polygons" option from the "Home" tab's "Draw" subheading. Chain your points together. Click on each point you'd like to include in your polygon until you've completed its shape.

    • 5

      Type "C" into Map 3D's command line to specify your points as closed and to have them recognized the program as a polygon. Click on the "Save" button in Map 3D's toolbar to save your work.

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