How to Get Rid of Root Maggots Naturally

Root maggots are insects that burrow into the roots of certain plants and wreak havoc on them. If you have a root maggot problem, you will need to address it immediately and act quickly to prevent the root maggot infestation from spreading. Unfortunately, plants already affected by the root maggots cannot be saved. However, maintaining proper care of the area and using all-natural solutions can help keep the rest of your garden root maggot free.

Things You'll Need

  • Trash bags
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Beneficial nematodes
  • Bucket
  • Garden sprayer with 1/2 millimeter nozzle


    • 1

      Remove all plants already affected by the root maggots and discard them in trash bags. Do not compost or reuse the plant scraps.

    • 2

      Sprinkle a thin but even layer of diatomaceous earth over the entire area in your garden affected by the root maggot infestation. The diatomaceous earth can be applied over the soil and directly over any plants.

    • 3

      Mix a container of beneficial nematodes in a bucket with the amount of water indicated on the container. Stir the nematodes into the water well to mix. Beneficial nematodes can be found in some plant nurseries and online.

    • 4

      Pour the nematode mixture into a garden sprayer. The sprayer needs to have a 1/2 millimeter nozzle in order to function properly with the nematodes.

    • 5

      Saturate the entire affected area in the garden with the spray, using the maximum pressure setting on the garden sprayer. Mix the nematodes in the sprayer constantly by shaking or stirring to ensure that they don't gather on the bottom of the sprayer.

    • 6

      Lightly water the area daily for two weeks after the nematode application to ensure that the soil stays moist.

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