How to Hang a Wreath on a Masonry Mantle


You probably captured the image in your mind in a split second, the very first time you laid eyes on the beautiful fireplace in your new home. “Wouldn’t that fireplace look lovely with a wreath?” Indeed it will, even if you’ve discovered a small obstacle: you are dealing with a masonry mantle, and maybe even a brick or stone backdrop, too. Let those sugar plums continue dancing in your head, for if necessity is the mother of invention, then a bit of creativity helps, too, when it comes to hanging a wreath from a masonry mantle.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil or chalk
  • Ribbon or garland
  • Floral pins
  • Hammer and nails or staple gun
  • Yardstick
  • Thumbtacks or nails
  • Picture wire
  • Picture hook
  • Drill and bit (optional)
  • Safety goggles
  • Measure your wreath, fireplace and mantle and write the measurements on paper to refer to as you move along. Determine the ideal height for the wreath and mark the spot either with pencil or chalk.

  • Set a large mirror on top of the mantle. Suspend the wreath from the top of the mirror with a mantle clip.

  • Set a shoe box or other elevating platform on your mantle. Cover the platform with a holiday place mat, large napkin or other piece of fabric. Place the wreath on top of the platform. Look around your home for other decorative elevating options, such as a stack of books or photo albums.

  • Hang the wreath so that ribbon extends up to the ceiling from left and right angles. Wrap the ribbon around the left side of the wreath, securing the left angle in place with floral pins. Extend the left piece of the ribbon to the ceiling and anchor it in place with a nail or staple gun. Repeat the process for the right side so that your wreath dangles gracefully from the middle intersecting points of ribbon.

  • Extend a yardstick from the marked, middle point of the wall and go straight up to the ceiling. Drill a shepherd’s hook into the ceiling, being sure to judge the distance between the wall and the wreath. Hang the wreath from the hook with wide ribbon or garland.

  • Go straight up to the middle point of the wall to the ceiling and mark the middle point with pencil. Insert a thumbtack or nail strong enough and wide enough to hold garland. Fold a long piece of garland in half, then hang the mid-point of the garland on the thumbtack or nail. Drape the remaining pieces of garland gracefully to the left and right sides, securing in place at the ceiling with a thumbtack or nail. Hang a wire from the mid-point, then a picture hook from the wire. Hang the wreath from the picture hook.

  • Get out your drill if your heart remains set on mounting the wreath on a stone or brick wall. Be sure to use a carbide-tipped drill bit – best for making holes in masonry – and a half-inch drill bit (not a 1-inch drill bit) so that you disturb as little stone as possible. Take your time and protect your eyes with safety goggles.

Tips & Warnings

  • Instead of ribbon or plain garland, try using beads, cranberry-wrapped garland or garland entwined with miniature lights, if you have a nearby electrical outlet.
  • Mantle clips can be great options to hang stockings without doing any damage to your mantle. Simply slide the mouth of the clip over the edge of your mantle and hang your stockings or other decorations from the clips.


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