How to Decorate a Shirt for a One Hundred Days Project for Kindergartners

How to Decorate a Shirt for a One Hundred Days Project for Kindergartners thumbnail
Finger paints are safe for kids to use on shirts.

The 100th day of school calls for a celebration. For a classroom full of kindergartners, come up with a celebratory activity that involves arts and crafts. Arts and crafts projects are stimulating for young kids, and give them a means to create something that they can take home and show to their parents. One particular project idea is to decorate a shirt on the 100th day of school. However, this is not any ordinary shirt-decorating activity. Rather, turn the shirts into wearable scrapbooks that the kindergartners can wear to remember all the things they've done so far in school.

Things You'll Need

  • Finger paint
  • Plastic paint trays
  • Puff paint
  • Glitter glue
  • Fabric glue
  • Assorted memorabilia
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      Pour finger paint into a plastic paint tray on the arts and crafts table. Instruct kindergartners to set their shirts flat on the table, dip their palms into the paint and make hand prints on the shirts. Each kindergartner will make one or two hand prints on his own shirt. The hand prints can be anywhere on the shirt.

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      Give the students tubes of assorted puff paint. Tell the kids to write their names on the shirt -- same side as the hand prints -- along with the phrase "100th Day."

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      Encourage the students to decorate what they have so far on the shirts. They can use more puff paint or glitter glue to outline their hand prints or to create new patterns and designs on the shirt.

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      Collect assorted memorabilia from the year so far. Part of celebrating the 100th day of school means taking a look back at the things that have been accomplished so far. You might have photographs of the students, memorabilia from class field trips, stickers from a particular lesson, or magazine cutout pictures that you used in a past class project. Fill the arts and crafts table with all of these goodies, and let kids pick and choose what they want to use on their shirts. The idea behind the scrapbook shirts is that the shirts are supposed to serve as a collection of memories.

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      Give the students fabric glue for gluing the assorted memorabilia items onto the shirts. Fabric glue is necessary for getting the items to stick to the shirts. After the painted hand prints have dried -- approximately one hour -- the kids can turn the shirts over to decorate the backs. Encourage students to fill up their shirts with as many items as they can.

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      Allow the shirts to dry for the remainder of the day, and tell the kids to wear their shirts on the 100th day of school. As such, you might conduct this project one or two days before the 100th day of school.

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