How to Keep Hair Naturally Slicked Back

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Train your hair so it slicks back more naturally.

Hairstyles change with style trend through the years, including men's hairstyles. One trendy hairstyle for men includes the slicked-back look, which can be styled for a casual or dressed-up look. This look may be a achieved with the correct haircut, proper training and the right natural product to use. While hairspray and synthetic products will help you achieve the slicked-back look, using a natural pomade will also give you the same results.

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  • Comb
  • Natural pomade
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      Have your stylist cut your hair that is a bit longer on top if you have straight hair. If you have more of a wave to your hair, ask your stylist to cut the hair a bit shorter on top.

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      Wash your hair. Comb it into the slicked-back look you are going for while it's still wet. If you choose to go without a part, pull the comb through the hair from the forehead to the back of the head, so it is all facing in one direction. If you opt for a part, part your hair and comb the hair away from the part, towards the back of your head. Let the hair air-dry.

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      Use an organic or natural pomade product for the hair to keep it in place. Rub a quarter-sized amount of the pomade between your hands to warm it up so it is pliable.

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      Apply the pomade to your hair by running your fingers from the forehead, through the hair to the back of your head.

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      Train your hair to naturally slick back by combing it daily back from the forehead toward the back of the head while it's still wet.

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