How to Get the Crown on SuperSmash Bros for the Great Maze

In the single-player adventure mode on the Nintendo Wii title "Super Smash Bros. Brawl," various-level icons will appear on your world map as you progress through the game. Exclamation-mark icons mark new levels; beaten but incomplete levels are marked with a flag; and levels that have been completed 100 percent are shown with a crown. To receive a crown on the Great Maze, the game's final stage, you must carefully explore dozens of different rooms.


    • 1

      Defeat Pit in room three by pressing "A" to attack and the "B" trigger to block, then grab the trophy item above the door. Jump up the clouds to the top of this room and collect the CD.

    • 2

      Defeat Kirby in room four, then climb left up the clouds and jump to the ledge to get the first trophy.

    • 3

      Head back to room five after you beat the bomb-block. The path through the tree is now open. Walk over and grab the trophy on the other side.

    • 4

      Jump on the first spring in room seven and grab the item box on the left. Continue right to find a trophy trapped in concrete. Hit the spinner to access it.

    • 5

      Defeat Snake in room 10, then go backward to the first ladder. Take it down to find a trophy on your left side.

    • 6

      Jump over the spikes in room 12 and grab the trophy in the far right corner.

    • 7

      Walk across the conveyer belts in room 21 to the far side and grab the trophy near the wall. Continue up and hit the green switch, then jump to the conveyer belt underneath and grab the trophy on your left.

    • 8

      Break open the boxes in room 22 to get a key. Open the locked gate with the key, hit the blue switch and grab the item box.

    • 9

      Jump to the ledge above the door in room 24 and collect the trophy here.

    • 10

      Bounce off the three springs on the wooden platform in room 26 and land on the left platform. Grab the trophy here.

    • 11

      Defeat Falco in room 27, then grab the trophy on your left. Hit the bomb-block beneath the water, then grab the trophy that appears.

    • 12

      Walk down the left corridor in room 32, dodge the moving floors, and jump up the trophy after the ceiling lowers.

    • 13

      Walk right under the spiked platforms in room 33 to the moving platform. Jump on and ride up to grab two item boxes.

    • 14

      Climb the platforms in room 37 up to the trophy on the left side. You will now have collected all secret items in the level, giving you the 100-percent completion crown.

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