How to Get Your Husband to Be Happy at Home

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Catch your husband's attention with simple tricks.

If your husband seems restless and distracted at home, you might worry that these are symptoms of a serious marital issue, like infidelity or a gambling problem. In reality, the root of the issue may be something much more subtle. Whether you're a working spouse or a stay-at-home mom, you can increase your husband's willingness to be at home by creating a pleasant haven of rest, relaxation and a bit of stimulation just for good measure.


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      Resist the temptation to nag. Nagging is one of the most powerful husband repellents. As noted by the University of Missouri Extension, happy marriages flourish in a positive environment. Avoid excessive criticism, rehashing of past hurts, name-calling and other negative interactions. Instead, focus on positive communication and mutual respect. Praise your husband for his strengths. Avoid competition and criticism in order to foster a positive environment in your home.

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      Listen to your husband's complaints and desires. Try to put yourself in his shoes and develop your ability to empathize with his concerns. As noted by the University of Missouri Extension, empathy is one of the primary characteristics of a happy marriage. Be grateful that your husband wants to communicate with you, and use these moments as opportunities to get to know him better. Getting to know your spouse doesn't end on your wedding day. Open communication and the resulting deepening of your relationship make marriage worthwhile.

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      Improve your health as a couple. Diet and exercise play a crucial role in mental well-being. For example, a 2011 study by researchers at the University of Tennessee found that wives who have a higher body mass index than their husbands were less satisfied than those who did not. Work together as a couple to improve your physical well-being. A brisk evening walk is a great way to get a bit of exercise and chat about your day.

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      Keep your home organized and clean. If you both work, split up household chores to keep an ordered house. Dividing the chores will make you less likely to nag and allow you both to contribute to the household. If you stay at home, set aside some time before your husband comes home to clean clutter and create a clean and organized environment where you both can unwind for the evening.

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      Get physical. That doesn't only pertain to the bedroom. Massage your husband's neck and give him unexpected kisses and caresses. Play footsie under the table. Physical attention makes your husband feel noticed and appreciated.

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      Take a break every day to talk to your spouse. As noted in a 1950s housewife manual, "Be a little gay and a little more interesting. His boring day may need a lift." Yours might as well. Arrange a time each day to connect with your husband, even if its only at the breakfast table before you each run off to work.

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