How to Do Special Dunks in NBA 2K10

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Practice specialty dunks until you get the hang of them.

If you enjoy basketball video games, you might already be playing NBA 2K10, a game that places you, the player, in a simulated world as a basketball star performing during the season and competing for the championship. In order to improve your playing statistics, you need to learn how to make your players do their special dunks in the game. A special dunk, such as a 360 degree dunk, can gain you more points and bring your team up in the ranks.

Things You'll Need

  • Video game controller or gaming stick
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      Identify the button on your video game controller or gaming stick that is responsible for throwing basketball shots. This is the same button that is used for dunks.

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      Wait for a time during the game when your player does not have other players around him. This is known as a quick or fast break in the game. Special dunks work best when the players have more space.

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      Press the dunk button on the controller or stick. Rotate the direction button or stick at the same time that you press the dunk button, to make the character spin around and do a special 360 degree dunk.

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      Continue dunking the ball by pressing the shot or dunk button. Some of the players will only do a special dunk once in a while, but the more you get them to shoot and dunk the more often the special dunk will appear in the game.

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