How to Upload Malsingmaps to GMXT Version 5

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You can use Garmin MapSource to upload Malsingmaps to GMXT version 5.

Malsingmaps are user-contributed GPS maps that can be used on devices with Garmin Mobile XT. These maps are regularly updated and can be downloaded and used by anyone, for free. Garmin mobile XT, or GMXT, is GPS software. When installed on a mobile device, it can display and use GPS data. Uploading these maps to GMXT version 5 is not as easy as it sounds and you will need additional tools to accomplish the task.

Things You'll Need

  • Garmin MapSource, any version
  • MapSet Toolkit
  • cgpsmapper.exe
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      Create a folder in MapSource's standard "Garmin" folder and name it "Maps." Copy the Malsingmap file to this folder and change its name to contain only eight digits. Keep the ".img" extension. For example, the new file name can be "10000001.img."

    • 2

      Open "Mapset Toolkit." Click “Select IMG.” Select the "Maps" folder and click "OK." The Malsingmap will appear in the "Source IMG files" list.

    • 3

      Select the "Maps" folder as the "Mapset Directory" and enter any name in the "Mapset Name" text box.

    • 4

      Enter any four-digit code in the "Product Code" field. This code must be different from any code you see in the "Mapset Installed" section.

    • 5

      Add copyright information in the "Copyright Info" field or leave it blank.

    • 6

      Scroll down to the "cgpsmapper" section. Select the directory where you installed cgpsmapper.exe, highlight it and click "OK." You can usually find it in the "C:\Program Files\cGPSmapper" directory.

    • 7

      Leave the "Draw Priority" and "Transparent" settings unchanged.

    • 8

      Select the "Install in MapSource" checkbox.

    • 9

      Click "Start" to begin the conversion. You will get a confirmation message when the conversion is done and you will see your new map in the "Mapset Installed" section.

    • 10

      Close "MapSet Toolkit" and open "MapSource."

    • 11

      Select the converted "Malsingmap" from the drop-down menu in the upper-left corner. The map will be loaded in the main window, where you can preview it.

    • 12

      Click on the “Map Tool” button in the toolbox. Drag a selection box on the entire map to select it. You may select only segments of the map if you don't need the entire map.

    • 13

      Connect your mobile device to your computer. Click the “Send to Device” button.

    • 14

      Select your device in the resulting window and click the "Maps" checkbox. Click "Find" to refresh the list of devices.

    • 15

      Click “Send” and wait for this message: “The Data Has Been Successfully Sent.”

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