How to Become a Verizon Wireless Test Man

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Verizon Wireless testers spend hours behind the wheel to check signal strength.

You may remember the Verizon Wireless test man commercials. A technician carries a cellphone through odd and secluded areas, asking, "Can You Hear Me Now?" Real Verizon Wireless testers, also known as system performance engineers, work in a different way. They spend hours a day driving around in a car. Their job involves testing cellular signal strength to find weak call areas for service providers.


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      Earn an education connected to the career. Becoming a system performance engineer requires at least an associate degree in computer science, electrical engineering or another related field, but many positions require a bachelor's degree. Having a master's degree is considered a plus during the application process.

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      Develop two to five years' work experience in the cellular or telecommunications industry. Colleges have resources for students to find work through their career services office or the office in charge of the specific degree program, such as the electrical engineering or computer science department.

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      Acquire skills in communication, management, analyzing and problem solving by participating in group discussions, joining extracurricular activities, applying for leadership positions, engaging in research projects in your field of study and volunteering in your community.

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      Search for available positions on the Verizon Wireless Careers website. Click "Search Careers," then "Search Wireless." Type the phrase "system performance engineer" in the search box to find openings related to this position.

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      Register with the Verizon Wireless Careers website. Click "Apply" above the position that you want to be considered for. You will need to create a username and password before you can continue the application process.

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      Create a profile on the Verizon Wireless Careers website to start the application process. You will need to fill out information on residence history, high school and college education, employment experience, work preferences, licenses or certifications, languages you may know other than English, and consent to a background check. Upload your resume while logged into your account and submit the completed application.

Tips & Warnings

  • When searching for positions, leave the "Country, State, Zip" field blank to return more broader results.

  • You can apply to multiple Verizon Wireless positions using the same application by adding jobs to the job basket in your profile.

  • System performance engineer positions are located throughout the U.S. If you can't find a career in your area, relocating or commuting may be an option.

  • Learn Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access programs. Proficiency in these programs, which come in the Microsoft Office suite, is expected for the position.

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