Big Christmas Light-Bulb Lawn Decoration

Big Christmas Light-Bulb Lawn Decoration thumbnail
Make your own large Christmas bulbs while raking your yard.

Setting up Christmas lawn decorations can be an enjoyable daylong activity for the whole family. This project, modeled after the Halloween pumpkin leaf bags that adorn yards in October, uses lawn bags, tempera paint, leaves and aluminum foil. Place the bulbs in groups around your yard. Stake floodlights near the decorations to illuminate them at night.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 lawn and leaf bags
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Red tempera craft paint
  • Green tempera craft paint
  • Blue tempera craft paint
  • Disposable paint trays
  • Paint roller
  • Lawn rake
  • Leaves
  • Monofilament fishing line
  • Scissors
  • Aluminum foil
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    • 1

      Place three lawn and leaf bags flat on top of flattened cardboard boxes on your driveway or patio. The boxes protect the pavement or surface from the paint.

    • 2

      Pour the paint into the paint trays. Roll the paint onto the plastic bags using the paint roller. Paint one bag red, one bag green and one bag blue. Let the bags dry for an hour. Flip the bags over and paint the backside of each bag. It may take multiple coats to completely cover the plastic.

    • 3

      Rake the leaves you've gathered into a large pile while the bags are drying. Remove any sticks, pine cones or other materials that may pierce the bag.

    • 4

      Fill the bags three-quarters of the way full with the leaves. Shape the bag into a Christmas light-bulb shape, which is similar to an inverted teardrop, as you go. Keep the leaves in the middle of the bag. Fold in the corners, and stick a piece of tape in the inside of the bag to keep the corners from slipping out. The bag shouldn't have sharp points or corners showing — all edges need to be rounded.

    • 5

      Cut three 12-inch pieces of monofilament fishing line and use them to tie the bags shut.

    • 6

      Shape a 3-foot piece of aluminum foil to look like the metal screw top of a Christmas bulb. Form the foil over the top of the 5-gallon bucket. Press the foil so it forms around the ridges of the bucket's edge. Remove the foil and add more ridges by creasing the foil so it looks like the ridges from the bucket. These are the screw threads. Pull the foil in the middle to a point. Place the aluminum foil on top of the tied top of the plastic bag.

    • 7

      Cut three more pieces of monofilament fishing line and tie them around the place where the base of the aluminum foil meets the bag.

    • 8

      Place the bags out in the yard in a group.

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