How to Get an HTC Clock Without a Widget on the iPhone

You can get an HTC clock on your iPhone without a widget by installing the HTC Clock Pro theme. This theme copies the standard clock that appears on HTC mobile devices running the Android operating system. You will need a jailbroken iPhone to use the theme. You will also need to install the WinterBoard application from the Cydia store. Jailbreaking your iPhone will void your device's warranty.


    • 1

      Tap the "Cydia" icon on your jailbroken iPhone. Tap the "Search" icon.

    • 2

      Type "WinterBoard" into the search bar.

    • 3

      Select the "WinterBoard" application. Tap the "Install" icon. Tap "Confirm."

    • 4

      Touch the "Respring" icon to restart your iPhone.

    • 5

      Tap the "Cydia" icon. Touch the "Search" icon. Type "HTC Clock Pro" into the search bar.

    • 6

      Select the "HTC Clock Pro" application. Tap "Install." Press the Home button.

    • 7

      Tap the "Settings" icon. Select "WinterBoard." Touch "Themes." Select "HTC Clock Pro."

    • 8

      Tap the "WinterBoard" button. Touch "Respring" to load the HTC clock onto the lockscreen of your iPhone.

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