How to Make a Live USB With BartPE

Bart's Preinstalled Environment runs off of a disc and provides a graphical Windows environment for troubleshooting and booting purposes. If you want to boot the Live CD environment through a USB stick, the BartPE developer recommends the Pe2usb utility. This utility installs BartPE on the USB drive so you can boot from that drive instead of a created disc. If your computer's CD drive doesn't work or you're on a system without such a drive, this may be your only option for loading BartPE.

Things You'll Need

  • USB stick with a minimum of 256 megs free


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      Open an Internet browser. Type "" in the address bar. Press "Enter." Click the "PE Builder" link in the left sidebar. Click "Download." Click "FAQ" and click the "PE2USB" link. Click "" and download it to your computer. Download the PE Builder self-installing package. Go to and download "Server 2003 SP1."

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      Move the Server 2003 service pack files to the base directory on your C: drive or system drive. Click "Start" and type "cmd.exe." Press "Enter." Type "cd \" to change your directory to the root directory. Type "sr1sp.exe -x" and press "Enter."

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      Double-click the "pebuilder.exe" file once the download completes. Follow the on-screen instructions to install this on your system. Click "Start" and "Computer." Double-click the installation drive. Navigate through the "Program Files" folder until you find "pebuilder." Double-click this folder. Create a new folder within PEBuilder named "srsp1."

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      Click "Start" and "Computer." Double-click "C." Open the "server2003sp1" folder. Double-click "i386." Copy "setupldr.bin" to the srsp1 folder. Open a command prompt and type "cd ." Type "expand -r c:\server2003sp1\i386\ramdisk.sy_ <pebuilder>\srsp1" where <pebuilder> is the directory PEBuilder is installed in.

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      Launch the PEBuilder program. Accept the license agreement. Click "Yes" to have PEBuilder automatically scan for Windows files. Set the destination drop down to "BartPE." Click "Build" and wait for BartPE to finish the building process.

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      Insert your USB drive in to your computer. Click "Start" and "Computer." Note the drive letter. Open a command line. Type ""pe2usb -f <driveletter:>," where "driveletter" is replaced by the actual drive letter of the USB stick. Press "Enter." The USB drive is formatted and has BartPE installed on it.

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