How to Bring Up the Desktop Without Minimizing

If you are using a multi-tasking operating system and have a large monitor, the chances are good that you often find yourself with multiple windows open on your screen. Unfortunately, the desktop can become buried under these windows and minimizing your windows to get to the desktop, to check for a file or glance at a sidebar widget. Windows 7 has a variety of ways to view the desktop without individually minimizing all of your open windows.


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      Hover your mouse pointer over the “Show Desktop” button on the end of the task bar. All open windows become transparent and you can view the desktop. Click the button to show and access the desktop. Click the button again to restore your open windows.

    • 2

      Right-click the taskbar and click “Show The Desktop.” Right-click the taskbar again and click “Show Open Windows” to restore the open windows.

    • 3

      Press and hold the “Windows” key and press “D” to display the desktop. Repeat the process to restore any windows that were open.

Tips & Warnings

  • Press and hold the “Windows” key and press “M” to minimize all open windows. To restore all minimized windows, press and hold the “Windows” and “Shift” key and press “M.”
  • If you show the desktop and then open a program or window, you must restore the previously-open windows manually.
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