How to Hide Pool Heaters

Pool heaters extend the life of your swimming season by warming the water. These valuable pieces of pool equipment take up yard space and create a visual blemish on your otherwise flawless landscape. Hide your pool heater in a way that enhances your yard and still keeps the equipment easily accessible.

Things You'll Need

  • Decorative landscape
  • Fencing
  • Wall building materials
  • Plywood


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      Surround the pool heater with decorative landscape such as ornamental grasses or lush bushes. Plants like juniper or holly provide year-round coverage of the heater, while rose bushes or honeysuckle add more colorful options. Leave a gap in the plantings so that you can easily access the pool heater.

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      Install fencing around the pool heater to completely hide it from view, making sure to devote one side of the fence to a gate. Use a fencing style that matches your pool or yard fence for continuity of appearance. Stick to solid fence types, such as plastic, wood or metal pickets, or opt for a lattice fence where you can train plants to grow through, providing a level of natural coverage.

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      Build a solid wall around the pool heater with building materials that match the house. Install siding around the wall, cover the base wall with stucco, or use brick for a sophisticated appearance. Make a high wall that blocks the pool heater from view from all vantage points.

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      Build a plywood box with a hinged cover to hide the pool heater. Measure the distance around it and make it at least 2 feet bigger on either side to provide ventilation. Install a vent in the hinged top to provide additional ventilation. Slip the box over the heater when complete.

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