How to Mount a GoPro on a Snowboard

Mounting a GoPro camera on a snowboard can be accomplished using a mount that is sold by GoPro for your application. Flat and curved adhesive mounts work best because they mount securely to the board and the violent movement of the board does not affect its position. While suction cup mounts are not recommended for snowboards, they can be used with an adhesive pad similar to what holds the flat or curved adhesive mount in place. Suction cup mounts do not come with adhesive pads, but they can be purchased elsewhere and attached to the bottom of the suction cup for ultimate hold.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat or curved adhesive mount
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cloth
  • Suction cup mount
  • Round adhesive pad


  1. Curved or Flat Adhesive Mount

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      Find the proper location for your GoPro camera on your snowboard. Choose the front or back for the best views to allow your viewer to experience the feel of being on a snowboard. Choose an area that is not blocked by you or any other part of the snowboard for the best viewing experience.

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      Clean the area where you will secure the adhesive mount for the Go Pro camera. Use a solvent like rubbing alcohol to remove built-up debris, dirt or mud. Look for a spot where the mount will fit well, and that matches the curve or a flat area for the adhesive pad. Too much of a curve will result in an area that may not bond; trying to attach a flat adhesive mount on a curved area will have the same result.

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      Remove the adhesive paper cover. Once you have removed the paper cover to the adhesive pad, you want to place it immediately to prevent any debris or dust from sticking to the pad, which will prevent the adhesive from bonding to the snowboard. Verify that the mount is positioned correctly and press down firmly on it to secure it to your snowboard.

    Suction Cup Mount

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      Choose the proper area on your snowboard for the suction mount. A flat area will work best as the suction is not as flexible as the adhesive mounts. The front of the snowboard is a good choice, but you can choose the back of the snowboard since the suction mount includes a rotating arm that allows you to adjust the position of the GoPro.

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      Attach a round pad of a similar size to the suction mount base. Remove the paper backing and attach one side to the suction mount to hold it in place. The suction cup will not hold well on the snowboard and is not recommended for snowboards; however, adding the adhesive can secure it to the snowboard and allow you to use it in this manner.

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      Clean the area off where you will attach the now adhesive-secured suction mount. Allow the area to dry. Remove the paper backing from the bottom of the suction cup and attach it to the snowboard by pressing firmly on the base of the mount.

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