How to Calm Two Dogs Down From Roughhousing

How to Calm Two Dogs Down From Roughhousing thumbnail
Dogs that bite each other or growl aggressively should not play together.

You can calm two dogs down from roughhousing by distracting, exercising or massaging them. Puppies that are less than 2 years old play with each other to learn communication skills, and all dogs play to release energy and build social relationships. Dogs become hyper and energetic when they play together. So you can use the same calming techniques after roughhousing that you'd use on dogs with hyper personalities. You must calm down two playing dogs if their roughhousing gets loud or aggressive.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 collars
  • 2 5-foot leashes
  • 20-foot leash
  • 2 dog crates
  • Dog treats
  • Ball
  • 2 dog toys with food tunnels
  • Dog food
  • Assistant
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      Exercise your dogs. Put the collars and leashes on them. Jog around the neighborhood with them, so they will burn off any excess energy and become calmer. Walk to a dog park, and let them explore the area -- away from other pets. Or take your dogs to a pet store they can explore, so they will be distracted from playing together.

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      Train your dogs to come to you and sit calmly when you tell them to stop playing. Put one dog on the 20-foot leash while the other one is in the dog crate. Call the dog on the leash to you, and push its back legs down gently until it is in a sitting position. Let the dog practice sitting for gradually longer periods of time. Give it a treat once it's calm, and then practice training the other dog. Practice calling the dogs when they are playing together, and reward them with treats.

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      Put one dog in a dog crate. Take the other one outside, and throw the ball. Play fetch with your dog so it will burn energy, become calm and learn to play while separated from the other one. Put the dog in the other crate once it is calm. Then let the other dog out of its crate, and play fetch with it.

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      Stuff the toys with dog food or treats, which they will gradually work out of the toys as they play. Take the dogs and toys outside, since the food will spill out onto the floor if they play with them inside. Let the dogs roll the toys around to release the food so they can calm down, get distracted from playing together and learn problem-solving skills.

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      Massage one dog while someone else massages the other one. Ask the other person to copy your massaging motions. Rub and pat the dog's ears and head gently. Massage its back, sides, chest, upper legs and feet until it is calm. Talk to your dog calmly while you massage it.

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