How to Keep Labrador Retrievers Out of Flower Beds

Anybody with a dog can tell you that furry friends tend to get themselves into trouble every now and then, but Labradors seem to have a particular affinity for laying and digging in flower beds. To keep your retriever from ruining your flower bed, you can try a number of methods to discourage your dog from romping around where it shouldn't.


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      Plant some barberries, roses or hollies, which produce thorny bushes after growing. The intent is not to harm your dog, but thorns are often enough of a deterrent to keep it out of the flower bed.

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      Pour a sand pile nearby. A pile of sand can encourage a Labrador to dig there instead. In addition to that, your dog is more likely to lay down and sleep on the sand because it's cool and comfortable.

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      Install motion-detecting sprinkler systems. Suddenly getting splashed with water is very discouraging to dogs, who are likely to leave your flower bed alone after activating it. If you frequently visit your flower bed, you might wish to take an alternative method: laying small water balloons around the garden. Your Labrador will start walking where it doesn't belong and will be surprised by the sudden water explosion.

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      Install a fence around the area. Depending on the size of your Labrador, the height of your fence will vary. However, this is the best deterrent you can apply as a dog can only jump so high.

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