How Do I Figure 40 Hours of Paid Vacation in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is financial management software but you have the option to enter your company's payroll for management and tracking. Instead of manually calculating vacation hours accrued for each employee you can enter the relevant information into QuickBooks and let the program automatically calculate it for you. Therefore, if you want to enter 40 hours of accrued vacation time for an employee, enter the details of your company's vacation time accrual process for that employee in the Sick and Vacation utility in QuickBooks.


    • 1

      Launch QuickBooks, then click the "Employee Center" icon near the top of the window.

    • 2

      Double-click on the name of the employee, then click the "Change Tabs" drop-down arrow and select "Payroll and Compensation Info."

    • 3

      Click the "Sick/Vacation" button to open the Sick and Vacation window. Enter the number of vacation hours the employee is eligible to accrue in the "Hours Available as of" field in the Vacation section of the window.

    • 4

      Click the "Accrual Period" drop-down box, then select the frequency that the employee accrues vacation hours. For example, if the employee will accrue vacation hours every paycheck, select "Every Paycheck" from the list.

    • 5

      Enter the number of hours the employee will earn each accrual period in the "Hours Accrued" box. For example, if the employee accrues two hours every period, enter the number "2" in the box.

    • 6

      Enter "40" in the "Maximum Number of Hours" box, then click the check box next to "Reset Hours Each New Year." Click "OK" button twice to save the information and close the window.

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