How to Groom Rabbits With Short Fur

Short-haired rabbits are easier to groom than long-hair rabbits; they're less prone to matting and they shed less. A rabbits meticulously groom itself by licking its coat, but the hair that's ingested may cause a blockage in its stomach and can ultimately be fatal. To avoid this from happening, groom your short-haired bunny at least once a week. This minimizes the amount of hair your rabbit ingests and keeps its coat in good condition.

Things You'll Need

  • Baby cornstarch
  • Fine-tooth comb or flea comb
  • Bristle brush or pin brush
  • Toothbrush
  • Rabbit treats or vegetables


    • 1

      Position your rabbit on the floor or on a table in a small room, free of loud noises or possible distractions.

    • 2

      Remove dirt from your rabbit's coat. Avoid bathing your rabbit, because this may put it in shock. Dust baby cornstarch over the dirty area. Comb through the area with a fine-tooth comb or flea comb to remove the dirt from your rabbit's fur.

    • 3

      Brush your rabbit's entire coat starting at the neck and working your way backward. Use a bristle brush or a pin brush; avoid using a slicker brush because this type may tear your rabbit's sensitive skin. Brush the hair in the direction that it is growing. Brush your bunny's neck area, under its chin, across and to the sides of its back and bottom. Lift your rabbit's front feet off the floor so it rests on its hind legs while you brush its tummy.

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      Run a fine-tooth comb or flea comb over your rabbit's fur. The fine teeth of the comb easily grasp onto loose hairs and removes them.

    • 5

      Brush the hairs on your rabbit's face with a soft toothbrush. Move the brush in the direction that the hairs are growing; move from its nose upward and from its mouth outward over its cheeks.

    • 6

      Reward your bunny with rabbit treats or with a portion of its favorite vegetable once grooming is done.

Tips & Warnings

  • Trim your rabbit's nails once a week with rabbit nail clippers. Cut just in front the visible pink quick in the nails. Have a helper hold your rabbit while you trim the nails, or have the veterinarian cut them.
  • Moisten a soft cloth or cotton pad with saline solution and wipe it over your bunny's eyes. The solution cleans the eye area and crystallizes tears so they can be removed with a fine-tooth comb or soft toothbrush.
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