How to Applique on the Back of a Onesie Without Sewing

There is nothing more awe inspiring than seeing an adorable baby clothed in a onesie, decorated with a darling appliqué of a flower, animal or even a monogram. Appliqués are simple fabric cut outs that are applied to a different base fabric. Plenty of these embellished baby essentials are available in fancy boutiques and online retail sites for a pretty penny, but you can create your own no-sew appliquéd onesie with fusible webbing and an iron.

Things You'll Need

  • Applique design or a stencil
  • One-yard package of no-sew fusible webbing
  • Cotton baby onesie
  • 1/3 yard fabric
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Piece of cardboard
  • Fabric paint


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      Select a simple design from a clip art book or a coloring book aimed at young children, if you are unsure of your artistic ability. Trace the shape of your hand if your artistic ability is more advanced. Draw the edges of the design onto the paper side of the fusible web.

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      No sewing machine needed for this iron-on applique project.
      No sewing machine needed for this iron-on applique project.

      Set your iron on the cotton setting and fuse the paperless melting or sticky side of the fusible web to the wrong side of your chosen appliqué fabric. Follow the exact instructions listed on the manufacturer’s packaging. Allow the appliquéd fabric to cool completely.

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      With the fusible web adhered to the fabric, cut along the lines you have traced to trim the selected design or shape. Slowly peel the paper backing off the fabric.

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      Slip the piece of cardboard inside your baby onesie. Place the appliqué design on the back of the onesie and carefully press it into place with your iron. Move the iron around in circles over the appliqué, paying careful attention to the edges, and never leave it on one section for too long. Allow to cool completely.

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      Turn the onesie inside out, slip the cardboard piece back inside and use the iron to press from the wrong side. Allow to cool completely before turning the onesie rightside out.

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      Transfer any details that are not included in the edge of the design, such as eyes, line details or letters with fabric paint. Apply the same fabric paint or a contrasting color to enclose the edges of the fabric appliqué and add any desired details.

Tips & Warnings

  • Eliminate the chance of fusing the web to your ironing surface by placing a slightly larger piece of fabric over the piece of fusible web.
  • Prewash the onesie so any shrinkage will occur beforehand and fusible web can attach best.
  • Never leave an iron unattended when children are present.
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