DIY Wedding Reception Centerpieces With Photos as Part of the Decoration

Make your wedding day memorable for you and your guests by creating your own photo centerpieces. If you decide to use photographs to build your centerpieces, choose flattering pictures that show the respect, friendship and love that you and your fiancé share. You can make centerpieces as large or as small as you need for them to stand out on
your reception tables.

Things You'll Need

  • Copies of photographs
  • Glue
  • Memorabilia, such as medals
  • Flowers
  • Glass candle holders, approximately 9 inches tall
  • Pillar candles, approximately 6 to 8 inches tall, to fit in the holders
  • Inkjet transparency film, 8.5 inches by 11 inches
  • Flower candle rings


  1. Photo Display

    • 1

      Solicit old wedding photos from friends and relatives of the bride and groom. Copy them to the appropriate size and change the colors on the copy machine, if you desire.

    • 2

      Purchase picture frames that fit the mood and theme of the wedding and fit each photo in a frame, then arrange the frames on each table.

    • 3

      Buy a vase and put flowers in it that coincide with the wedding colors, to complement the photos. Let guests try and guess the identity of the couples in each photo.

    • 4

      Acquire photos of the early years of the bride and groom, such as baby photos, family photos, high school graduation pictures or pictures with friends and arrange them in order of their occurrence if you don't want to use old wedding photos of other family members. Insert these photographs into purchased frames that match the wedding theme and color and arrange at the center of each table. Additionally, place memorabilia in front of the photos, such as award ribbons, medals, or stickers to flesh out the centerpiece.

    Illuminated Pictures

    • 5

      Print several engagement photos of the wedding couple. Wrap a picture around a glass candle holder and hold an inkjet transparency over it. If the wrapper is too big for the candle holder in diameter, cut off the excess to ensure it fits neatly. Secure the transparency holder using a transparent double-stick tape or hot glue.

    • 6

      Place a doily on the table for decoration and place the candle holder on top of it. Put the candles inside the holders and light them, to illuminate the photos during the reception.

    • 7

      Add flowers around the pictures and candles for additional effect. Place flowers that match the wedding theme in a vase next to the candles or lying loose on top of the doily. Take care not to put too many flowers that may divert attention from the photos.

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