How to Design Your Own Winx

The girls of the "Winx Club," an animated television series, are tasked with the burden of protecting the universe from evil. The girls use their magic and intelligence to thwart the plans of the villains, but it's the girls' style that has garnered them the bulk of their popularity. And, if you'd like to put a bit of your personality into a Winx character, there are several free apps online that you can use to create your own Winx.


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      Create your own Winx character, using WinxClub's Flash Dress Up section (See Resources). WinxClub's dress-up games enable users to customize characters from the show or build a completely new character from a template. Each character's wardrobe is stocked with tons of dresses, blouses and accessories. Simply drag and drop the desired clothing items on to your character.

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      Visit the Winx section of Dressup Me's website to create your own Winx character (See Resources). The site's Winx section features several dress-up games. Included is a glitter and Halloween game, in additional to the traditional dress-up doll games. Selected clothing items lock into place on your doll, so you don't have to line up items perfectly to dress your doll. You can also name your doll and customize the character's background.

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      Play PBMCube's Winx Club game to customize your own Winx character (See Resources). Clothing and accessories can be added to your doll by simply toggling through the game's library of clothing items -- so there's no need to drag and drop items on to your doll. And, after you've completed your character, you can email your avatar to a friend or download it to your computer.

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