How to Get Your Welding License in North Carolina

In North Carolina, welders are not licensed by the state. Instead, they are certified through a testing program offered by the American Welding Society (AWS). Training can be obtained from one of many North Carolina schools offering welding training courses. After you have learned to weld, a certified welder's certificate can be obtained by taking the AWS exam at a testing facility in the state.


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      Find a college, technical school or vocational program in North Carolina offering a training program for welders. According to My Next Move, a website affiliated with the U.S. Department of Labor, there are 84 training programs for welders located in North Carolina. Most allow students to take up to two years to complete a program. However, most programs can be completed within a year.

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      Enroll and complete the program. Enrollment in a North Carolina welding program will require proof of a high school diploma or its equivalent, plus a government-issued identification card such as a driver's license or passport. Colleges and vocational schools in the state offer financial aid to qualifying students.

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      Visit the American Welding Society website and read the information about the exam and licensing process. Before applying for the test, download the free QC7-93 standards booklet and practice the welds you will be asked to perform during the exam.

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      Call the accredited testing facility in North Carolina and apply to take the AWS exam. According to the AWS website, this is located at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte. Registration requires a completed application and a $30 fee, as of the time of publication. You will be asked to schedule a day to take the exam at the testing facility.

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      Take the AWS test. Bring your copy of the QC7-93 standards booklet with you. The test examiner references the welds in the booklet during the testing process. The test requires you to create a weld as it is described in the standards booklet.

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      Await your certified license card from AWS. Your application, fee and test results are sent from the testing facility directly to AWS for processing. AWS mails your license card and information about renewal requirements to the address you supply in your application.

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      Renew the welding license as required by the AWS. As long as your renewal card is completed every six months, you are a certified welder. AWS does not charge a fee for renewal, as of the time of publication.

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