How to Make a Dog Leash Out of Mountain Climbing Rope


Mountain climbers trust their lives to their climbing ropes, putting great faith in a product that is anything but your grandma's clothesline. This product is durable and can be easily upcycled into a dog leash. With a little practice perfecting your knot-making skills, you can fashion a leash that doesn't need a collar, which is perfect for a quick evening stroll, or as a DIY project to donate to your local animal rescue.

Things You'll Need

  • 8 feet of climbing rope
  • Lighter
  • Wet cloth

Step 1

Cauterize both ends of your rope so it won't fray. Hold the lighter to the rope for only a moment. Pinch the ends with a wet cloth to avoid burning yourself.

Step 2

Create a slipknot in one end of the rope. This is accomplished by folding the rope over to create a double rope, looping the end around the double rope two to three times and then threading the end back through the loop created.

Step 3

Double your remaining length of rope and thread it through the slip knot. This will go around your dog's neck.

Step 4

Create a loop at the other end of the leash for your hand to slip through. Measure off 10 inches of rope at the other end of the leash for the loop. Tie off with a perfection knot. This is accomplished by making a loop and then making a second loop and laying it atop your first loop. Thread your end between the loops, then pull the bottom loop through the top loop. Don't pull your rope tight until you're sure your loop is the right size for your hand.

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