How to Re-install Xubuntu Grub


If you installed Windows on your computer after already installing Xubuntu, Windows replaced the Linux Grub boot loader with Windows Boot Manager. WBM does not give you the option to choose which operating system you want to boot into. If you want to choose your OS when starting your computer without having to press a key at the splash screen, you should recover Grub with Boot Repair.

Things You'll Need

  • LiveCD
  • Insert your Xubuntu installation disc into your computer's optical drive. If you don't have the disc anymore, you can download the Boot Repair LiveCD ISO and burn it to disc. A LiveCD is a bootable disc.

  • Turn your computer off and boot to the CD. Click "Try Xubuntu" when the system loads.

  • Click the "System" menu, "Administration" and "Boot Repair."

  • Click "Recommended Repair."

  • Eject the installation disc from your computer and reboot. You will see the Grub menu and can choose your operating system.


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