How to Modify a Uniden Bearcat Model BC60XLT-1 Scanner


Uniden Bearcat handheld scanners, like the BC60XLT-1, are made to scan and listen in on fire, police and emergency broadcasts. "Modifying" this scanner is done with add-on hardware such as ear phones, microphones or speakers and through using the switches and settings to increase the number of useful frequencies the unit monitors. This helps in the monitoring of different frequencies throughout most of North America.

Hardware Modifications

  • Unplug the rubber gasket at the earphone jack on the top of the BC60XLT-1. Plug an earphone rated to impedance of 32 ohms into the jack. Adjust the volume to a low setting before placing the earphone into your ear. Place the earphone into your ear to monitor silently with it.

  • Unscrew the included standard antenna from the BC60XLT-1 and screw a larger antenna into the coax plug to increase the range of the receiver.

  • Plug a set of external speakers into the earphone jack to modify the handheld into a sort of base scanner. If desired, place the BC60XLT-1 into the charging stand and use it as a base or home-scanner along with the external speakers.

Using the Frequency Settings for Modification

  • Press the "Lock" button to freeze the working buttons on the device, keeping it safe from accidental bumps. Press "Lock" again to unfreeze and regain the usefulness of the device's buttons.

  • Press "Manual" and program the desired frequency you wish to monitor. When in different locales, obtain broadcast frequencies through online sources, or through published hard-copies. This allows you to modify the device for different areas throughout North America. For example, if you wish to monitor a police band in Pocatello, Idaho, enter the select frequency available through the online or hard copy resource using the keypad on the scanner. Press "Manual" once more to set the frequency in the scanner.

  • Adjust the squelch button on the top of the device with each new programmed frequency. When you modify the frequency range, the channels come in weak. Turn the squelch until you hear hissing, then turn it back just until the hissing dissipates.

  • Lockout unwanted channels and frequencies using the Manual button. Use the keypad to scroll to your frequency you wish to lock out, then hit the Manual button until you see your desired channel number in the display. Press the "L/O" button to lockout that frequency, allowing you to modify and customize the scanner frequencies on your device.

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