How to Mod a Hang Glider in "Minecraft"


"Minecraft" is a game developed by Mohjang that gives the ability to Create what they want, explore anywhere, and even modify the game. Players enter the world with nothing and create buildings, villages, and almost anything else they can think of to use in the game. You can modify the basic game yourself, or download modifications created by other players that let you change your entire game experience. One modification lets players add hang gliders to the game.

Things You'll Need

  • Hang glider game modification
  • Unzip software

Installing the Modification

  • Search for %appdata% in your search bar.

  • Open the .minecraft folder, then open the bin folder.

  • Delete the minecraft.jar file.

  • Open "Minecraft" and log in to download a fresh copy of the minecraft.jar file.

  • Repeat steps 1 and 2.

  • Open the minecraft.jar file using unzip software.

  • Delete the META-INF folder.

  • Drag the files from your hang glider modification into the minecraft.jar folder.

  • Close the folders, log in to the game, and enter your "Minecraft" world.

Collecting Materials

  • Collect at least two wood from trees.

  • Hit "e" to open your crafting window, and place the wood blocks into the crafting square. This gives you four wood planks per tree. Make at least eight wood planks and put them into your inventory.

  • Place one wood plank in each square of the crafting window and remove the crafting table.

  • Place an iron bar in the bottom left corner of the crafting window and another bar one square to the right and above it. This gives you shears. Place them into your hotbar.

  • Use your shears on sheep and collect the wool. Repeat this until you have at least 24 units of wool.

  • Find and kill cows until you have at least 12 units of leather.

  • Open your crafting window and place two wooden planks in it, one on top of another. Remove the four sticks that this makes and place into your inventory.

Crafting a Hang Glider

  • Right click on your crafting table to open the 3-by-3 crafting box.

  • In the left and right columns, place four wool in each of the three squares. In the center column, place 12 leather in each of the three squares.

  • Hold down "Shift" and left click on the output box. This puts four reinforced cloth into your inventory.

  • Place reinforced cloth and sticks into your 3-by-3 crafting square in the following configuration: starting at the far left of the top row, place a reinforced cloth, a stick, and another reinforced cloth. Repeat this for the second row. Place a single stick in each square of the third row.

  • Remove the hang glider from the output box and place it in your inventory.

Tips & Warnings

  • Create a copy of your minecraft.jar file before you alter it. If this hang glider modification conflicts with others, you still have the old jar folder to restore the file.
  • Always back up your saves before adding any new modifications to "Minecraft." Adding modifications can corrupt saves and cause you to lose your world and any work you put into it.
  • Update your hang glider modification regularly. "Minecraft" is patched by the developers regularly and older modifications may need updates to work in your world.

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