How to Make a Wedding Crown

Wear a crown of beautiful flowers upon your head as you celebrate love and life on your special day. Instead of a typical ribbon hair wreath, make a crown from sturdy wire and embellish the crown with curves of wire to resemble an actual crown. All of the pieces are completely covered in small silk flowers for a one of a kind bridal accessory. Use silk flowers in traditional wedding white, or bring the colors of your wedding into your accessories by using silk flowers in your wedding colors.

Things You'll Need

  • Medium-gauge floral wire
  • Thin-gauge-floral wire
  • Pliers (optional)
  • Green or white floral tape
  • Small silk flowers (white or wedding colors)
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      Measure the circumference of your head and add an inch to the measurement. Cut a piece of medium-gauge floral wire to this length. This is the base of the crown.

    • 2

      Cut three pieces of light-gauge floral wire. Make each piece 8 inches long.

    • 3

      Find the center of the medium-gauge wire and measure 3 inches in either direction from the center. Wrap the ends of one piece of thin-gauge wire around the wire at these points.

    • 4

      Wrap the end of one piece of wire next to the end of the first piece of wire on the base. Measure over 6 inches and wrap the other end of the wire to the base. Repeat on the other side of the base to attach the last piece of thin-gauge wire.

    • 5

      Bend the ends of the base wire to shape the base into a circle. Wrap the ends of the wire together to keep the circle. You may need to use pliers to twist the ends together.

    • 6

      Wrap green or white floral tape around the entire base of the crown. Once you reach the end, work backwards and wrap the tape around the three pieces of thin-gauge wire as well.

    • 7

      Trim the stems of all the small silk flowers to no longer than 1 inch. Hold the stem of one flower against the back of the crown, over top of the twisted ends. Wrap the floral tape around the stem to attach it to the crown.

    • 8

      Hold the next flower over top of the stem of the first flower. Wrap the tape around the new stem, Repeat all the way around the crown to cover the wire. Do the same to cover the thin-gauge wires in the flowers as well.

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