How to Decorate for a Gothic Renaissance Wedding

Every bride has an idea of what her dream wedding will be like, and every bride's perfect event will look a little different. A Gothic Renaissance wedding harkens back to medieval times as well as the period when art, architecture and literature were reborn in Europe. Decorating according to the theme will provide a formal yet festive atmosphere. Don't worry about whether everything looks authentic. Go for an overall ambiance that combines both Gothic and Renaissance themes to make your guests feel like lords and ladies.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 pieces of cloth, 2 feet by 3 feet
  • Fabric paint
  • 2 large wooden dowels
  • Fake vines
  • Candelabras and goblets
  • Gold and black spray paint


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      Create Renaissance-style hanging banners out of long swags of cloth. Cut them so they taper to a point on one end. Design a “crest” for your wedding, or just paint your names and the wedding date on the banners with fabric paint. Attach wooden dowels to the tops and add tassels if you'd like. Hang these prominently in the wedding venue.

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      Acquire plain wreaths, either of straw or of fake fir boughs, and wrap them in ribbon in your wedding colors. Hang some of these on the walls or the church pews and lay others down on the gift table and next to the guestbook. Drape fake vines in several places around the venue to tie the theme together. Have vines climbing the door to the hall, encircling the cake and wrapped around the officiant's podium.

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      Adorn each table with a different element from the Gothic and Renaissance periods. Use an old candelabra on one table, a wreath with candles and pine cones on another and large goblets filled with berries or feathers on another. Use gold or black spray-paint on candleholders and dishes from a second-hand store if you can't find any that look old. Singe the edges of blank paper to make scrolls. Roll and tie them with ribbons to leave on the tables as well.

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      Light torches, even just simple tiki torches, if your venue will allow it, and place them at the entrance to the building or along perimeter of your outdoor dining area. Have your guests hold the “torches” or sparklers as you make your departure at the end of the event.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check with the manager of your venue to discuss the possibility of torches, sparklers or any open flame. Be sure to affix them in places where they will not come into contact with anything flammable.
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