How to Make Your Baby More Comfortable in the Crib


You may find that your baby is happier sleeping anywhere that you are, particularly during his first few days of life. However, you may be in need of some serious rest. The answer is to have him sleep in his crib while you get a break. Make the crib a more comfortable and comforting environment, so that your baby knows it is a place he is safe and wants to be.

  • Rub a small blanket all over you to get your scent on it and place it in the crib with baby. One of the things that most comforts your baby early in life is your scent. This will make her more comfortable when sleeping, even if you are not around at the time.

  • Line the crib with crib bumpers. Not only is this a safety precaution that prevents the baby's still-soft and malleable head from slipping through the spaces, but it also provides him snuggle spots. He may end up rolling over the edge of the crib and the bumper provides him a soft spot against which to lay.

  • Place baby in a sleep bag. This keeps her warm, no matter what the temperature is in the room and ensures that she won't kick off any blankets or sheets during the night. The more snug and surrounded a baby is, the more comfortable she will be in her crib space.

  • Put in some crib time during the day. Perhaps the baby's crib is just a scary place to him, particularly at night when you are not there. Put some toys in the crib and place him in it during the day while you are doing other chores in the room. The combination of you being nearby and the colorful and benign toys will make him feel more comfortable with the space.

Tips & Warnings

  • You might be tempted to put a pillow in the crib to help baby sleep more comfortably, but don't. A pillow can easily cover the baby's face, causing him to be smothered in the fabric of the pillow.


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