How to Connect a Gigaware 25-157 to a Computer

How to Connect a Gigaware 25-157 to a Computer thumbnail
The 25-157 captures both video and audio content.

The Gigaware 25-157 is a computer webcam that works with Windows operating systems and supports a maximum resolution of 1280 by 960. Once you have it connected and installed, you can record videos, take photos and share both of them with friends. A microphone is included so you also have audio capture. To install it, all you need is a CD or DVD drive and a free USB outlet.

Things You'll Need

  • Installation CD
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      Place the Gigaware 25-157 on a flat surface and adjust its angle.

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      Connect the cord in the back of the webcam to a USB port on your computer.

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      Insert the CD that came with the webcam into your CD or DVD drive and click "Play CD" when the "Autorun" window appears on your computer.

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      Follow the installation instructions. In addition to installing drivers, the CD will also offer you a chance to install additional software suites, including MediaImpression for video editing, Webcam Companion 3 for video sharing and ArcSoft Magic-i for face tracking.

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      Reboot your computer when the installation is complete.

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