How to Get Past Team Magma to Get Lavaridge City in "Pokemon Ruby"


In order to progress through "Pokemon Ruby," you must visit each of the eight Pokemon Gyms of the Hoenn region and obtain their respective badges. Flannery in Lavaridge Town gives out The Heat Badge, but this mountainside town is not easily accessible. The only way to reach Lavaridge on foot is to take a lift up Mount Chimney and climb down the Jagged Pass, but members of Team Magma are initially blocking the path to the lift. You must trigger a certain event in the storyline to move the Magmas and allow access to Lavaridge.

  • Go to Mauville City and obtain the Rock Smash HM from the house in the southeast of town. Defeat Wattson to obtain the Dynamo Badge and allow you to use Rock Smash out of battle. Head north to Route 111 and break the rocks to proceed. Turn west at the entrance of the desert to enter Route 112 and cross through the Fiery Path to the other side of Mount Chimney.

  • Head north after exiting the Fiery Path and follow the mountain pass west through the ash-covered grasslands until you reach Fallarbor Town. Speak to the woman in one of the houses to learn that Team Magma has kidnapped Professor Cosmo and taken him to Meteor Cave. Exit Fallarbor by heading west and follow Route 114 until you reach Meteor Cave.

  • Confront the Team Magma agents and cause them to retreat with the stolen meteorite. Return to the southern entrance of the Fiery Path and go into the Lift Station just east of it. Ride the lift to the top of the mountain and defeat all of the Magma agents there. Take the meteorite from the machine after driving them off.

  • Head south of the mountaintop Lift Station to enter Jagged Pass. Follow the pass down the mountain until you reach the exit. Head west from the exit to reach Lavaridge Town.

Tips & Warnings

  • After defeating Team Magma on top of Mount Chimney, an old woman near the mountaintop Lift Station will begin selling Lava Cookies for P200 each. Lava Cookies are identical to Full Heals in that they cure any status condition, but they only cost a third of the price of a Full Heal. The only downside to Lava Cookies is that they must be purchased one by one instead of in large quantities like other items.
  • After driving off the Magmas, bring the recovered meteorite to Professor Cosmo in Fallarbor Town to receive a Return TM.

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