How to Get the Leaf That's Growing on a Pokemon's Head in "Pokemon HeartGold"

The children's video game "Pokémon HeartGold" for the Nintendo DS is an updated remake of 1999's "Pokémon Gold Version" for the Game Boy Color. As with the original game, "Pokémon HeartGold" casts the player as a trainer of creatures called Pokémon. The player collects and catalogs the Pokémon, which fight one another and change form. The leaves that you may see growing from a monster's head form a crown. The crown serves no tactical purpose, but it decorates your Pokémon and adds a star to the corresponding trainer card.


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      Find and collect five shiny leaves. These leaves have no fixed location, but they appear across the game world, and you will encounter them occasionally throughout your playing time. You will know that one is nearby because an exclamation mark will appear above your Pokémon, and it will begin to dance. It will then automatically collect the leaf.

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      Travel to New Bark Town, your hometown, in southeastern Johto.

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      Enter the house below yours. If you play as Ethan, Lyra will live there. If you play as Lyra, Ethan will live there.

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      Speak to the character in the house. He or she will talk about the shiny leaves, and they will transform into a crown atop your Pokémon's head.

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