How to Learn Anagrams

An anagram is a form of word play, in which words are formed by rearranging scrambled letters. Learning how to solve anagrams consists of figuring out different patterns, forms and techniques to successfully unscramble the words and uncover the correct word, phrase or name. Certain tactics enable you to learn and solve anagrams and helps you figure out the solution more efficiently.


    • 1

      Move a few of the letters around until you spot a letter combination that clicks together and makes sense. Search for a combination of simple words at first, focusing on the prefixes and suffixes.

    • 2

      Place the rest of letters to the side,. See if you can make another small word out of them. Once you'e found a small word, combine it with prefixes and suffixes to see if that will form a full word.

    • 3

      Place the first combination of letters in the front, middle or back of the rest of the letters, looking for a complete word of phrase. Mix up the letters in any way that you want. If you can't find a solution, rearrange the letters and start over.

    • 4

      Place vowels and consonants next to each other. Try again to produce a smaller word to build on. Rearrange the remaining letters around the vowels and consonants. See if you can solve the phrase or word. Mix up the vowels and consonants to form a different smaller word. Try again to form the correct solution with the remaining letters.

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