How to Make Blank Walls in a Long Hallway Look Good

How to Make Blank Walls in a Long Hallway Look Good thumbnail
Convert your hallway walls from drab to fab.

Hallways can be strange areas of the home. They're often narrow, seldom get natural light and sometimes are awkwardly shaped. This is because hallways are typically built more for practicality than for aesthetics, which means that decor is often neglected. Of course, this doesn't have to be the case. By adding the proper elements and using the proper decorating techniques to your advantage, you can turn your blank hallway walls into something worth looking at.

Things You'll Need

  • Wallpaper
  • Door casing
  • Paint
  • Photographs
  • Slim console or shelving unit
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      Add bold wallpaper. Even if the rest of your house is rather neutral, bold colors can still work in hallways. This is because little time is usually spent in the hallways; more intense colors aren't as harsh as they might be in a main living area of the home.

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      Add trimming to untrimmed doors. Long hallways can look flat and boring without trimming around doors; adding frames around them gives the hallway depth.

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      Paint vertical stripes throughout the entire corridor. Vertical stripes will not only add color and dynamics to your blank walls, but they will also draw the eye upward, making the hallway seem tall and not just long.

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      Add decorations at the end of the hallway. This will act as an eye-catcher, drawing attention away from the walls, and it will also make the hallway seem shorter. Paint a mural in this area; add a mirror; add pictures; or add shelving to put trophies, vases or souvenirs on.

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      Hang family photographs throughout the hallway in a pattern. Plan your design out by sketching it on a piece of paper before you actually hang your photographs though, as this will prevent the pattern from appearing too scattered or too cluttered.

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      Add a slim console or shelving unit against the hallway walls to break up the monotony of a long hallway. Put decorations on top of the console or shelves that match the theme of your home and the color scheme of your hallway.

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