How to Get a Smooth Pearl in "Pokemon TPPC"

"Pokemon TPPC" is an online version of the Nintendo Pokemon game series. In the game, players can collect a wide variety of objects to help them progress through the game or unlock special items. The rough pearl is an object that is used to unlock the smooth pearl. Once you have unlocked the smooth pearl, you will be able to evolve the Pokemon Magmar into its advanced form, Magmortar.


    • 1

      Navigate through the game. Whenever you come across a rough pearl, pick it up. You will need to collect 10 rough pearls in order to get one smooth pearl.

    • 2

      Take your 10 rough pearls and visit the Research Lab.

    • 3

      Trade in the rough pearls and you will be rewarded with a single smooth pearl. Use this valuable item to transform your Magmar Pokemon. Once you have transformed your Pokemon, you will be able to use him to beat Evolution Gym.

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