How to Flush the Fluidmaster Toilet Fill Valve


Flushing the Fluidmaster fill valve helps to resolve a slow-filling toilet tank. Sediment in your main line eventually builds up inside the top of the fill valve. Over time, the buildup decreases the amount of water flow through the fill tube. Flushing the Fluidmaster toilet fill valve removes the sediment and allows for unobstructed water flow. The process of flushing the valve does require some disassembly of the fill valve.

Things You'll Need

  • Cup
  • Turn the toilet shut-off valve handle clockwise to cut off the water supply to the tank. Take off the tank lid, and flush the toilet.

  • Place one hand around the neck of the Fluidmaster fill valve, below the valve float. Push the float toward the top of the fill valve until the lift arm is horizontal. The lift arm is the small metal arm that connects to the top of the valve and the float linkage.

  • Press down slightly on the top cap of the fill valve with your free hand. Turn the cap counterclockwise until it releases, and pull it up to disengage it from the valve. Allow it to hang between the fill valve and back of the toilet tank.

  • Release the back of the fill valve, and hold a cup upside down over the top of the valve. Keep the cup two inches from the top of the valve.

  • Turn the shut-off valve counterclockwise a half turn with your free hand. The water will flow from the top of the fill valve and into the cup. Turn the shut-off valve off and on a couple of times to clear sediment from the Fluidmaster fill valve. Turn the water supply off before removing the cup.

  • Grab the neck of the fill valve again, and raise the float. Line up the locking tabs on the cap with the notches on the top of the fill valve. Push the cap down and rotate it clockwise until it locks in position.

  • Place the tank lid back onto the tank, and turn on the water supply to the tank.

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