How to Make a Cool Fort With a Bunk Bed & Blankets


Fort building is a favorite game for young kids. Whether they claim territory in the backyard as their own or create fortifications out of furniture indoors, children love creating pretend forts and club houses. Bunk beds are an excellent base structure to use for homemade indoor blanket forts due to their height and the natural cubbyhole in the bottom bunk. Children and parents can make a blanket fort out of a bunk bed using a few household items.

Things You'll Need

  • Blankets
  • Clothespins or heavy objects to weigh down blankets
  • Connect ends of blankets to the top bunk bed. Attaching the blanket to the fabric of the bed with clothespins works best, but you can also tuck the ends of blankets underneath the top mattress. Use at least two blankets, one for each side of the bunk bed. If the bunk bed has more than one side of it that is not against the wall, cover that side with a blanket.

  • Use chairs or other furniture as anchoring points for blankets. Secure the blankets with heavy weights such as books, or clothespins. Be careful when choosing weights as a way to secure blankets, as the weights could fall into the fort. Never use anything heavier than one or two books. Use clothespins whenever possible.

  • Create tunnels by placing two chairs back-to-back, with several feet of space between them. Drape a blanket over the two chairs to create a dark tunnel leading out of the bunk bed fort.

  • Create ventilation by including an open window as part of the fort or placing a fan so that it blows along the back wall of the bunk bed. Forts can get hot quickly, so ventilation can help keep the fort cool. Place a fan near the back of the fort so that it blows air in between the wall and the bunk bed, and out the other side.

  • Stock the fort with snacks, juice and flashlights. Give the fort a name and an appropriate password.


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