Repairing a Ripped RV Awning

RV awnings tend to be made of tough materials that can last years without the slightest bit of damage. Occasionally though, a rip may develop, caused by either a storm or a bit of falling debris. When this occurs, immediate repair is necessary to prevent the rip from spreading, destroying the awning and leading to the need for an expensive replacement. Fortunately, repairing small rips of 3 feet or less is a simple process. Unfortunately, rips of a larger size usually require replacement of the entire awning as, because of weakness caused by the rip, repairs will not hold the two pieces securely for any length of time.

Things You'll Need

  • RV awning cleaner
  • Scrub brush
  • RV awning repair tape


    • 1

      Remove the RV awning from the RV. Different RV models will possess different disconnect techniques. Consult your RV owner’s manual for the technique required to remove the awning from your specific vehicle. Set the awning onto a flat surface with the rip centered for easy access.

    • 2

      Spray RV awning cleaner over the ripped area and allow it to sit for an hour to penetrate any dirt present on the material. Scrub the awning material carefully with a scrub brush. Use a back and forth motion with the scrub brush, running along the direction of the rip to avoid widening it in the process of cleaning. Rinse the awning with clean water, and then turn the material over and repeat the cleaning process for the other side. Allow the awning to dry completely before you continue with repairs.

    • 3

      Position the two edges of the rip together. Place the RV awning repair tape over the rip, taking care to follow the rip closely and leave no gaps between the sides. Run your hands over the tape from the center outward to push any air located beneath the tape from under the tape’s surface.

    • 4

      Turn the awning over and tape the second side of the awning using the same application process as the first.

    • 5

      Replace the awning onto the RV for normal use.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid silicone based awning cleaners, as the silicone residue will interfere with RV tape adhesion.
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